Vahaa Smart Garden

The newest in the seed-to-plate experience

Year-round and pesticide-free.

You can grow your own pesticide-free, healthy plants every season with Vahaa Smart Garden, making use of soilless cultivation method and IoT

  • Smart Lightining & Irrigation

  • Soilless Cultivation Method

  • Vahaa Mobile Application

  • Less Water Consumption

  • Low Energy Consumption

  • Capacity:

    • 6-18 Plant Capacity

  • ​Dimensions:

    • 40 cm x 16 cm x 14 cm

  • Connection Method

    • WiFi - 2.4 GHz​ (b/g/n)

    • Bluetooth V4.2 BR/EDR

  • Energy Consumption

    • Monthly ~10 kwh**

Technical Specs

*Compared to traditional methods

** It may vary depending on the selected light mode

Vahaa Mobil Assistant thinks everything for you!

  • Personalized notifications

  • Humidity and temperature

  • Plant guides

  • Recipes

3 Different Plant Grow Lights

You can change the light modes developed by Vahaa from the buttons on your garden to the most delicious food and optimum growth

Vahaa Mobile Assistant will send notifications when the time comes.