Vahaa Smart Garden Pro 

Thank you for your interest ! 


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Thank you for your interest !


130 cm 

Genel Specs

  • Daily harvest

  • Grow up to 25 plants at the same time

  • Grow without chemicals

  • Fresh and nutritious food

  • Soilless production

  • IoT technology

  • App controlled garden

  • Temperature and humidity control via sensors

  • Automatic lighting

  • Automatic irrigation

  • 3x faster production with optimized systems

18 cm

100 cm 

Get a free Vahaa Box with your Vahaa Smart Garden Pro !

 Inside the box you will find; seeds, organic plant nutrients and growing media basically all you need to start growing. At the end of your first growing cycle get a monthly Vahaa Box subscription to never stop.


General Info

Dimensions (W x H x D)

100 x 130 x 18 cm


14 kg



Automatic Lighting

Nursery Area

Purple LED Plant Light Module

Growing Area

White Full Spectrum LED Plant Light Module

Day/Night Cycle

16 hour on 8 hour off

Automatic Irrigation

Growing Method


Water Reservoir

12 L

Water Level

Low water level notification via Vahaa App

Adding Water

Manual, after harvest the reservoir is emptied and refilled with fresh water or after every low water level notification fresh water is poured into the reservoir



20-25 (depending on the plant’s size)

Tower Quantity



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