An exceptional experience from seed to plate:  Vahaa Smart Garden Pro

Vahaa Smart Garden is a vertical farming unit that lets you grow food at the comfort of your house at any time of the year.

Using hydroponics growing method you can grow up to 25 plants at the same time. 


Vahaa smart garden pro’s watering system enables your plants to get water and nutrients automatically in optimum time intervals. 

Automatic Irrigation


Vahaa Smart Garden Pro’s specially designed LED Plant Light provides the exact right wavelengths plants need to thrive from seed to harvest 16 hours/day.

The remaining 8 hours the lights are off in order to simulate night time. 

Automatic Lighting


The growing media we use is designed to retain plant roots without damaging them.


With its porous texture, the media filters the excess water and ensures the root system to get the proper amount of oxygen. 

Smart Growing


First step of the journey


The nursery area creates the essential environment for seeds sown into organic growing media to turn into seedlings. With the purple LED system used in this area, it is ensured that the seeds germinate healthily and quickly and turn into seedlings.

Second step of the journey


Seedlings are transferred to the growing area to complete their growth cycle. In this area, seedlings receive water & nutrients automatically through the growing towers. The automatic lighting system made of full spectrum LED Plant Lights enables plants to mature in a healthy and fast manner. 


Discover The Future

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